3D Printing


3D printing is a unique technology which allows for transforming a variety of digital 3D models into real, 3-dimensional objects. The models are first created using a specific software or a 3D scanner which scans the object and automatically creates its digital model. Then the files are printed on a 3D printer. Once the model has been printed, the object is then cleaned, polished and may be colored in a variety of colors.

The 3D-printing technology was first introduced 20 years ago. However, in the recent years, it has become more widely spread and applied in a variety of industries such as the medical (for creating implants), the consumer goods industry (for printing everything from toys, through soccer shoes, to luxury headphones), and the jewelry-making industry, of course (for creating unique pieces of jewelry that were impossible to create up until now).

There are couple of different technologies of 3D printing, but they are all based on the same principal - creating the object a thin layer after thin layer additively. That is why this is a brand new method for building things - very different from everything we know and have used in the past. The very nature of 3D printing allows for creating forms and objects that have been impossible to create up until now. Furthermore - 3D printing makes it possible

for the end user to participate in the process of making these object - to create its models and to personalize its details.

Inspired by this innovative technology, we created BYOU 3D Bijou!