Terms of Use

The present General Terms and Conditions are designed to regulate the relations between Tri Di Hepines OOD, registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC 205082035, with headquarters and address of management: Sofia, neighborhood Vitosha, bl.9, office 1, hereinafter referred to as "COMPANY", and the customers or users of the e-shop http://byou3dbijou.com/, hereinafter referred to as "ELECTRONIC SHOP".


We inform you that registration on the site is voluntary and free of charge. Registration is not required for ordering items listed in the online shop. An order can be made by any customer on the site and as a guest. The site can be viewed freely without registration. The fields that must be filled in upon registration are marked with an asterisk. Upon successful completion of the registration, the customer receives confirmation by email.

By ordering and/or registering on the site http://byou3dbijou.com/, the customer agrees to voluntarily provide the following personal information for official use from the part of Tri Di Hepines OOD:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Valid email address (in case of registration)
  3. Full address for delivery
  4. Full billing address (if different from delivery address)
  5. Contact phone

The Customer is responsible for the completed data and also for the sufficient details to allow the delivery and payment to be performed. The information provided by the customer will be used explicitly and for the purpose of delivery only and will not be made available to third parties unless required by law.

Tri Di Hepines OOD is a data controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and is responsible for the proper and confidential storage of data voluntarily provided by users. Tri Di Hepines OOD is not responsible for unauthorized access to the user's account due to the third party's password, as well as for the damages and losses incurred as a result of unauthorized access.

Tri Di Hepines OOD collects and processes your personal data in connection with the use of the online shop http://byou3dbijou.com/ and the informal contracts concluded with the company in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 (GDPR). The detailed terms for collecting, processing, and storing your personal information are published in the section Privacy Notice: Privacy and Cookie Policy on the website.

In case the user has voluntarily subscribed to the newsletter, the COMPANY has the right to send it periodically to the e-mail address provided. The user may at any time waive its reception by using the unsubscribing mechanisms provided.


Following the act of the order a contract is signed between the customer and Tri Di Hepines OOD, with UIC 205082035 for delivery of the ordered items via the website of Tri Di Hepines. The distance sale contract between the COMPANY and the customer is deemed to have been concluded from the moment the specific order is confirmed by the COMPANY. The order made leads to an obligation to pay the price of the goods by the user/customer. When placing an order, the customer receives an email confirmation that his/her order has been accepted. Before sending the ordered goods/items, the COMPANY has the right to contact the customer at the phone number indicated by him/her in order to specify the details of the order and/or the delivery. After the actions listed, the goods will be completed and sent to the delivery address specified by the customer.

Orders can be made by any user of the site. By placing an order, the user agrees to the general terms and conditions of the site. The delivery terms of the orders depend on the courier company with which the COMPANY operates. The delivery options may be changed by the COMPANY at any time and are announced on the Site in the Delivery section.

In the case that a customer has chosen to pay the merchandise by Cash on Delivery, the distance sale contract is deemed to be canceled when:

- The customer does not pay the courier's invoice at the time of delivery.

- The customer has indicated a false or incorrect address or is not at the same address on the day of delivery and does not respond at the phone numbers specified for contact in order to discuss with the courier the delivery.

Tri Di Hepines OOD is not responsible if the ordered items are not delivered due to incomplete or incorrect address. The COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally from the service contract if the data submitted by the user are not complete, are incorrect or prevent execution of the order due to lack of stock by notifying the customer using the contact details given by him/her.

The site of Tri Di Hepines http://byou3dbijou.com/ is intended for direct sale to end users. It is forbidden to use the services of Tri Di Hepines OOD for resale of the received items to third parties. In case of breaches found in this respect, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally from the contract.

Users benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of the goods with the sale contract.


Tri Di Hepines OOD provides timely delivery of the items ordered by the customer to the specified delivery address when the items are available at the warehouse of the company. If the stock is depleted or a possible delay of delivery exceeds the specified time limit due to a short absence of items, the COMPANY undertakes to inform the customer about this by contacting him/her by phone or e-mail. If the customer wishes to stop the delivery, it is necessary to state this to the COMPANY. If a payment has been made prior to delivery refusal, the amount will be refunded to the customer in accordance with Art. 54, par.1 and par.2 of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) within 14 days after Tri Di Hepines OOD was informed about the refusal.

By e-ordering from the site, you can buy only those goods that the system allows to be added to the Customer's Basket, according to the shop's operating mechanism, which is described in the How to Buy section. All information about the products offered for sale through the online store, including, but not limited to, article composition, types of materials, sizes, etc. is described by the manufacturer on item labels. THE COMPANY sells goods – jewelry, that is purchased directly from the manufacturer.


The delivery of an order made through the online shop is made by courier. Deliveries take place throughout the country within 3 (three) business days after confirmation of the order and its production at preferential prices from 5.00 to anywhere in the country. Prices are fixed and refer to shipments up to 5 kg. The delivery is performed by an authorized courier company during working hours. Upon request made after 15:00, processing is done the next business day. On delivery, the recipient signs a receipt for delivery, which certifies the exact execution of the order.

Deliveries are made not only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria but also on the geographical territory of Europe.

Delivery is made within the time limits specified on the product pages as well as in the Basket before the customer finalizes the order. In exceptional circumstances, the COMPANY reserves the right to extend the delivery period by informing the consumer in good time.

Goods are delivered to recipients by hand against signature. If the consignment is impossible to be handed not by the fault of the COMPANY or of the courier, then the person making the delivery shall call the customer's designated contact telephone to determine from which courier office the customer can receive the shipment. If the consignment can not be handed over by the COMPANY or the courier and the customer is unable to contact the customer, the distance sale contract shall be automatically terminated.



The customer can pay the price of the merchandise ordered by using one of the following options for delivery and payment before finalizing the order. Possible payment methods are cash on delivery (payment upon receipt of delivery), debit or credit card, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card and American Express or ePay.bg, EasyPay or B-Pay with bank transfer to the account of Tri Di Hepines OOD (Texim Bank, IBAN: BG64 TEXI 9545 1006 1866 00, BIC: TEXIBGSF). Please note that when selecting the bank transfer option, the order will be sent after receiving the payment for the order, and the bank transfer to Tri Di Hepines OOD may take 2 (two) business days. When filling in the note for bank transfer, the customer must indicate the order number printed in the e-mail sent to the customer by the COMPANY as a reason for payment. Bank transfer fees are charged to the customer.

If the customer chooses the option of delivery by courier and payment in cash on delivery, he/she has to pay the price of the ordered items, plus the courier's shipping price upon reception of the goods. This fact is noted in the pass-through coupon (certifying the delivery of the goods by the courier to the customer), which serves as a receipt.

Regardless of the method of payment chosen, all payments are made in Bulgarian Leva on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or in Euro for deliveries within the territory of the European Union. With the acceptance of these general terms and conditions, the user expressly and unconditionally agrees to pay in advance to the COMPANY the whole sale price of the merchandise ordered through the online shop. The user receives, together with the goods, a receipt and a document indicating the goods being ordered, the purchase price due for the goods and the delivery price. By signing the pass-through coupon, the customer authorizes the courier to deliver, on his/her behalf and on his/her account to the COMPANY, the amount representing the sale price of the delivered order.


The customer has the right to return the goods/items ordered from www.byou3dbijou.com within 14 days from the date of delivery. In order to accept the returned product it is necessary:

  1. To contact Tri Di Hepines OOD by sending us an email and claiming your wish to return the goods.
  2. To return the product: unused, with no compromised packaging, along with all documents received to our company's address or to SPEEDY's office. The cost of returning the product is at the expense of the customer. Refunds will be made by bank transfer within 14 calendar days from the date we receive the product (in this case you need to specify a bank, IBAN, BIC, account holder name).

The customer is obliged to store the goods he/she has received and to ensure the preservation of their quality. The integrity of the label must not be impaired.

In the event of non-fulfillment of these conditions, the COMPANY reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the returned goods and accordingly not to refund the amount paid by the customer.

The Customer has the right to receive only the value of the returned merchandise, as it was at the time of the order and the purchase.

The amount paid for the returned order is refunded to the customer in accordance with Art. 54 par.1 and par.2 of the CPA. All costs incurred by the User for the return of the purchased goods, bank commissions, and other costs beyond the amount of the items in the order remain at his/her expense.


Tri Di Hepines OOD assumes no responsibility for damages and losses during delivery, occurring due to circumstances beyond the control of the COMPANY.


Tri Di Hepines is not responsible for the materials from which the sold jewelry is made, as well as for the main characteristics of the items sold if they are in the factory packaging. Tri Di Hepines is not responsible if the items received by the customer do not meet his/her requirements or do not meet his/her needs provided that they correspond exactly to the items ordered by the customer on the website of Tri Di Hepines http://byou3dbijou.com/, and is not obliged to replace them on request. The Customer has the right to return the ordered items within 14 (fourteen) days as defined in the Consumer Protection Act, and the return procedure is described in the Return of the goods section of the Site

Tri Di Hepines OOD is not responsible for incorrect items being delivered, if the company has not been notified by the customer within 14 (fourteen) days upon reception of the respective delivery. The notification can be made only by e-mail hello@3dhappiness.bg.

In the event of disputes not resolved between the consumer and the trader, the consumer can use an alternative dispute resolution through the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform.



All texts and images posted on the Tri Di Hepines website http://byou3dbijou.com/ are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are owned by Tri Di Hepines OOD It is expressly forbidden the unauthorized use of texts and images from the website of Tri Di Hepines in other circumstances and by third parties without the written permission of the owner of byou3dbijou.com.


Tri Di Hepines OOD strives to deliver a fast and quality service for the purchase of articles from the site http://byou3dbijou.com/. If you have complaints, please contact the COMPANY's employees on +359 886 008 008 or by e-mail hello@3dhappiness.bg, and please be ready to provide as your identification your name, shipping address and payment address. Please be advised that Tri Di Hepines OOD assumes the responsibility to address the claim only if it is made within 14 (fourteen) days from reception of the delivery.


All issues and complaints not covered by these General Terms of Use are subject to settlement under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and in particular, but not limited to, the Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, etc.


For contacting Tri Di Hepines OOD you can use the following coordinates:

Phone: +359 886 008 008

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 09: 00-18: 00

E-mail: hello@3dhappiness.bg