Oh, this moment when you have your perfect outfit on and not a single piece of jewelry that would go great with it... does it sound familiar?! Well, now you can have your unique, one of a kind ring, earrings or necklace designed at BYOU 3D Bijou - exactly the ones that you have in mind and that would be the perfect, final touch to your awesome outfit! Think about this - a beautiful, custom-made, 3D-printed bijou at just a fraction of the price of your favorite jewelry brands! Here is how you can get your one and only BYOU 3D bijou:

1. Email us a picture of the jewelry you'd like to have for yourself at

2. Our designers will carefully look at the piece and will then contact you to further discuss what you have in mind. 

3. BYOU designers will then create the software model of your bijou

4. Once you agree this is it, we will 3D print it for you

5. We will then wrap it nicely and send it to any location in the European Union

Voilà! You have your unique, one and only piece of jewelry!